Asia Kerala PSC Important Questions - Continents -

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Asia Kerala PSC Important Questions - Continents

  1. Asia is a continent with diversities
  2. 60% of the world population is in Asia
  3. Which continent has the largest coastline - Asia
  4. First Asian country that launch a space shuttle - China
  5. Old official residential of Dailailama - Potala palace
  6. The youngest republic in Asia - Nepal
  7. Asian continent occupies one third of the total land area of the world.
  8. Where does Asia located - It lies entirely in the northern and eastern hemisphere. 
  9. The Largest continent in both size and population - Asia 
  10. The Pamir knot in the Central Asia is known as - 'Roof of the World'.
  11. Asia is a continent with diversities. 4 60% of the world population is in Asia. 
  12. The major religions in Asia .Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Shintoism 
  13. Largest country in Asia and third largest country in the world - China 
  14. Most populous country in the World - China
  15. The largest number of Buddhist followers are in - China. 
  16. World's largest non-capital city - Shanghai (China) 
  17. The largest army in the world -People's Liberation Army of China 
  18. World's largest hydroelectric power project -The Three Gorges Dam in China 
  19. World's longest artificial waterway Grand Canal (Beijing to Nanjing) 
  20. The oldest man made canal in the world _ Grand canal (China) First Asian country that launch a space shuttle China 
  21. Tiananmen square is in China. 
  22. World's tallest Buddha statue (spring temple Buddha) is at - Lushan in China. 
  23. Old official residential of Dalailama Potala palace 
  24. New official residential of Dalailama Mcleod Ganj 
  25. Detroit of Japan - Nagoya Manchester of Japan - Osaka
  26. Countries having control over the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb are - Yemen and Djibouti 
  27. Region is known as the 'cross roads of culture'- The South East Asian
  28. The smallest country in Asia both in area and population - Maldives 
  29. First country to conduct the cabinet meeting under the sea - Maldives 
  30. First country to conduct the cabinet meeting at Mount Everst - Nepal 
  31. Only one country which has non-quadrilateral flag - Nepal 
  32. The youngest republic in Asia - Nepal 
  33. Asian country which has largest coastal area Indonesia 
  34. First Asian country to rise in 21" century East Timur 
  35. East Timur got freedom from - Indonesia 
  36. Country known as the Dutch East Indies Indonesia 
  37. Last Asian country which became a member in UN - East Timur 
  38. Most densely populated Asian country Singapore 
  39. Most cleanest country in the world Singapore 
  40. The Asian country having maximum life I expectancy - Singapore 
  41. The least densely populated Asian country Mangolia
  42. Asian country which celebrates its independence day on 15th August other than India - South Korea Line separating North Korea and South Korea The 38th Parallel 
  43. Policy introduced by the South Korea for the unification of North and South Korea Sunshine policy 
  44. Only Jewish country in the world - Israel 
  45. Israel's collective farming is called Kibbutzim 
  46. Major diamond cutting and polishing centre of Asia -Israel Holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims Jerusalem The first nation to declare Christianity as the state religion - Armenia 
  47. The only Asian country which got independence from America - Philippines The only Roman Catholic country in Asia Philippines 
  48. First nation in the world which completely banned smoking - Bhutan 
  49. Only country to calculate Gross National Happiness - Bhutan 
  50. The official religion of Bhutan Vajrayana Buddhism The hydro electric project of Bhutan with the help of India - Chukha Project 
  51. The holy city of Muslims where the tomb of prophet Mohammad is located . Medina (Saudi Arabia) The Largest Gulf country - Saudi Arabia (Largest country of West Asia)
  52. In ancient times Afghanistan was known as- Bactria, Aryaana 
  53. Bamian valley is located at 1.1 Afghanistan 
  54. Largest producer of opium in the world. Afghanistan 
  55. Father of Srilanka Don Stephen Senanayake Largest land-locked country in the world Kazhakistan 
  56. World's oldest space launching station is Baikanur (Kazhakistan). 
  57. Second largest land locked country in the world - Mangolia 
  58. Only south east Asian country which is never colonized - Thailand Oldest capital city in the world - Damascus 
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