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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Back Waters Or Kayal In Kerala [Kerala PSC Imp Questions]

  1. Number of kayals in kerala - 34
  2. The indian state which is known as the Land of Backwaters - Kerala
  3. The northern most backwater in Kerala - Uppala Kayal
  4. Ashtamudi kayal iss at - Kollam
  5. The kochi port is located in which lake - Vembanadu Lake
  6. The largest freshwater lake of Kerala - Sasthamkotta lake 
  7. The smallest fresh water lake  in Kerala - Pookkodu lake 
  8. Thanneermukkam bund, and Thottapally spill way are constructed on -Vembanad Kayal 
  9. The largest lake in Kerala - Vembanad  Lake (205
  10. The major islands in the Vembanad kayal -Wellington, Vypin, Vallarpadam, Kadamakudi and Pathiramanal
  11. Name the kayal in which famous tourist destination Kumarakom located - Vembanad
  12. The major fresh water lakes of Kerala - Sasthamkotta lake, Vellayani lake, Pookkode lake, Eramakkal lake, Manakkodi lake 
  13. The southern most freshwater lake in Kerala - Vellayani lake 
  14. The highest lake in Kerala Pookkode lake (Wayanad) 
  15. Name the lakes which are included in Ramsar list - Vembanad, Ashtamudi and Sasthamkotta
  16. The largest natural island of Vembanad kayal - Pathiramanal 
  17. The second largest lake in Kerala - Ashtamudi Lake
  18. The lake called as the 'gateway to the backwaters of Kerala' - Ashtamudi 
  19. Ashtamudi kayal meet Arabian sea at - Neendakara Azhi 
  20. The northern most backwater in Kerala - Uppala kayal
  21. The longest lake in India - Vembanad lake 
  22. The largest wet land in India - Vembanad lake 
  23. The Kochi port is located in which lake -Vembanad lake 
  24. The largest Ramsar site of Kerala - Vembanad lake

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