Manippur Kerala PSC Question Important Question [States] -

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Manippur Kerala PSC Question Important Question [States]

  1. Manipur is known as - 'Jewel of India'
  2. Iron lady of Manipure - Irom Sharmila 
  3. India's first Central Agricultural University was established in - Manipur
  4. The biggest fresh water lake of Eastern India - Loktak Lake
  5. The manipuri art from which was included in the UNESCO's world heritage list in 2014 - Sankirtana
  6. The only floating National Park of the world -'Keibul Lamjao' is in  - Manipur
  7. Tulihal airport is situated on - Imphal
  8. Endangered Eld's deer was seen in - Keibul Lanjao National Park
  9. The  famous ' Kangla Palace' is situated on - Manipur
  10. A traadional football game of Manipur - Yubi Lakpi

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