Chandra Gupta II 2018 KPSC Questions [Important One] -

Monday, 19 February 2018

Chandra Gupta II 2018 KPSC Questions [Important One]

  1. Chandra Gupta II was also known as - Vikramaditya 
  2. He transferred his capital from Prayaga to Ujjain. 
  3. The Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visited India during the period of - Chandragupta II 
  4. He adopted the title 'Sakarii after his victory over Rudradaman H of Saka dynasty. 
  5. The exploits of Chandra Gupta II are glorified in Mehrauli iron pillar inscription fixed near Qutub Minar. 
  6. Gupta ruler who assumed the title 'Mahendraditya' - Kumara Gupta 
  7. Nalanda university was founded by -Kumara Gupta 

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