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Monday, 19 February 2018

Karnataka Kerala PSC Important Questions 2018 [IMPORTANT]

  1. During the time of formation Karnataka was known as - Mysore
  2. Mysore became Karnataka in - 1973
  3. The traditional festival of Karnataka - Dasara
  4. Banglore become Bengaluru in - 2006
  5. The state having the largest Anglo-Indian population - Karnataka
  6. Karnataka is the leading producer of Silk, Coffee, Sandalwood and Gold.
  7. India's first Travasi University' was set up in - Bengaluru 
  8. India's first cyber police station was commissioned at - Bengaluru 
  9. First Indian city to host the SAARC summit Bengaluru 
  10. The place in Karnataka known as 'Cradle of Indian Temple Architecture' Aihole 
  11. The place known as 'Ruined city of India' - Hampi 
  12. The famous Vrindavan Garden is in - Mysore 
  13. Biggest dome in India - Gol Gumbaz 
  14. The place known as `Cherapunji' of South India - Agumbe 
  15. Which place is known as 'Sanskrit Village of India' - Mettoor Village 
  16. The place known as 'Cradle of Indian Hockey' - Kodagu (Coorg) 
  17. The river which originates from Kodagu Kaveri 
  18. The important power station in Karnataka. Kaiga Atomic Power Station 
  19. One of the major dance form of Karnataka Yakshaganam. 
  20. The only authorised flag manufacturing centre in India - Hubli 
  21. Krishna Raja Sagar dam, Almati dam, etc. are in - Karnataka 
  22. Second tallest statue of Lord Shiva is situated at - Murudeswar temple 

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