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Friday, 30 March 2018

Energy Sources Important 2018 Kerala PSC CPO Questions

Energy Sources 2018 Kerala PSC Exam Question | Energy Sources Important 2018 Kerala PSC CPO Questions | 2018 Rare Questions And Answer KPSC Examination | New Latest Exclusive Question From Energy 2015 For KPSC Exam
  1. The conventional energy sources of India Hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power 
  2. The non- conventional energy sources of India- Sun, Wind, Tides, Geysers, Biogas. 
  3. The first hydropower station in India Sivasamudram (Kaveri river) 
  4. The first multipurpose river valley project of free India - Damodar Valley Project 
  5. The project constructed with the model of Tennessee valley project of America Damodar valley
  6. The Bhakra Nangal is the largest multipurpose project of India. 
  7. The longest dam in India - Hirakud (Mahanadhi river, Odisha) 
  8. The highest dam in India 
  9. Thehri (Bhageerathi river, Uttarakhan 
  10. The second highest dam in India Bhakranangal (Sutlej river) 
  11. The largest concrete dam in India Nagarjuna Sagar • The lake formed by Bhakra dam Govind Sagar 
  12. Largest irrigation Project in India Indira Gandhi Canal 
  13. The oldest name of Indira Gandhi canal Rajastan Canal 

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