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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Jupiter Important Question [Civil Police Officer 2018] KPSC Exam

Jupiter Question For Kerala PSC 2018 Examination | Latest Questions About Jupiter New Question 2018 | 2018 Jupiter Questions And Answer Latest| Rare Questions About Jupiter

  1. Period of revolution - 12 years 
  2. Period of Rotation - 9 hours, 50 minutes, 30 seconds 
  3. The largest planet in the solar system Jupiter
  4. The planet known as Jovian planet-Jupiter 
  5. The satellite with most number of volcanoes - Io 
  6. Jupiter and its satellites are collectively known as - Mini Solar system 
  7. The planet with shortest day and shortest night - Jupiter 
  8. The time taken by Jupiter to make one revolution around the sun -12 Earth years
  9. The planet with most number of satellites - Jupiter (around 67 satellites) 
  10. The largest satellite in our solar system Ganymede (Satellite of Jupiter)
  11. Great red spot is seen in - Jupiter 
  12. The fastest rotating planet - Jupiter 

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