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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

K Kelappan Kerala PSC Rare And Important Questions 2018

K Kelappan
  1. Born on - 24 Aug 1889 (Mechukunnu)
  2. Born at - Muchukunnu (Kozhikode)
  3. Leader of guruvayoor Satyagraha - K Kelappan
  4. The leader of salt satyagraha at payyannoor - K Kelappan
  5. Founder of thavanoor rural institute - K Kelappan
  6. The person who was called as "Kerala Gandhi" - K Kelappan
  7. Spouse - Lekshmi Amma
  8. Founder of Thavanoor Rural Institute K. Kelappan
  9. Secretary of Guruvayoor Satyagraha Committee - K. Kelappan
  10. K. Kelappan is the first president of Nair Service Society
  11. President of Aikya Kerala Conference (AKC) held at Thrissur in 1948 - K. Kelappan
  12. Indian postal department issued a commemorative postage stamp on K. Kelappan in - 1990
  13. The leader of Salt Satyagraha at Payyanur-K. Kelappan
  14. The renaissance leader who led agitation at Thali Temple at Angadipuram and Thirunavaya- K. Kelappan
  15. First Keralite selected by Gandhiji for individual Satyagraha - K. Kelappan
  16. Chairman of the committee which formed to fight against untouchability in Kerala during Vaikom satyagraha - K. Kelappan
  17. President of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) at the time of Indian Independence - K. Kelappan 
  18. Died on - 7th October 1971 

About K Kelappan
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