Assam Kerala PSC Questions - Indian States -

Friday, 29 March 2019

Assam Kerala PSC Questions - Indian States

  1. The malayali who served as Assam governor. K. Sankara Narayanan 
  2. Which state is formerly known as `Kamarupa' - Assam
  3. The leading producer of tea in India- Assam 
  4. Which sate is known as 'Tea Garden of India' - Assam 
  5. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was elected to Rajyasabha from - Assam 
  6. First chief minister of Assam Gopinath Bardoli 
  7. The major dance forms - Bihu, Satriya, Anakiyanadu, Bajawalli, etc. 
  8. High court of Assam is situated in - GuwahathiGopinath Bardoli Airport is situated in Guwahathi. 
  9. Guwahathi is formerly known as Pragjyotishpura. 
  10. India's first paramilitary force. Assam Rifles (Estd. in 1835) 
  11. The biggest river island in Asia - Majuli 
  12. Digboi is the oldest oil refinery in India. Assam River which is known as 'Sorrow of Assam' - Brahmaputra Kaziranga National Park is famous for one horned rhinos is in Assam 
  13. Manas National park is in - Assam 
  14. The rebel group of Assam. United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) 
  15. In Assam, which river is known as `Tsangpo' Brahmaputra 
  16. The first cooperative university of India was established in - Assam 
  17. State known as the gateway to the north eastern states of India - Assam
  18. Smallest biosphere reserve in India - Dibru Saikhova (Assam) 
  19. The first Science village in India - Assam 
  20. Person known as singer of brahniaputra - Bhupan Hassarika
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