Civil Aviation Question Kerala PSC - Transportation -

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Civil Aviation Question Kerala PSC - Transportation

  1. King Fahd international airport of Dammam is the biggest airport in the world. It is located in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The organization of Air transport system in the world - IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  3. The first international airport was opened at London (Croydon Airport) 
  4. Headquarters of IATA is Montreal (Canada)
  5. In USA have the most number of airports in the world
  6. The first civil aviation company in India Tata Airline 
  7. Tata airlines changed its name to Air India in -1946 
  8. Mascot of Air India is - Maharaja 
  9. The first airline travels in India - Tata Sons Ltd (Chennai - Karachi)
  10. The Airports Authority of India was formed on - 1St April 1995 
  11. The registered office of National Aviation Company is - New Delhi
  12. Headquarters of Air India - New delhi 
  13. Headquarters of Air India express Mumbai 
  14. The Corporate office of National Aviation Company is in Mumbai 
  15. Port Blair Airport has been renamed as Veer Savarkar Airport 
  16. Mumbai Domestic Airport is now known 
  17. as - Jawaharlal. Nehru Airport 
  18. East west airlines is the first company which conducted airline service in India.
  19. Indian Civil Aviation sector was nationalised in - 1953 
  20. First airline service in India was between Karachi and Delhi (1921)
  21. IAAI (International Airport Authorities of India) which was established in 1972 controls the international Services. 
  22. Head quarters of International Airport authority of India (IAAI) Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan (New delhi)Dum Airport is now known as Subhash Chandra Bose Airport 
  23. The Highest Airport in the world Daocheng Yading airport
  24.  First Indian Woman to obtain a pilot licence was - Urmila K. Parikh
  25. First Indian woman pilot Durba Banerjee 
  26. In India the airport which has the longer runway Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)
  27. The first Greenfield airport in India Hyderabad (2008) 
  28. The highest civilian airport in India is Kushok Bakula Airport (Leh in Jammu & Kashmir)
  29.  The first airline service from Kerala - Thiruvatlahthapuram Mumbai
  30. The state having most number of International Airport in India - Tamilnadu and Kerala (3 Numbers).
  31. The international airports in Kerala are Thiruvananthapitram, Nedumbassery and Karipur 
  32. The fourth international airport to be constructed in Kerala Murkhan Parambu (Kannur)
  33. The first airport built by the help of private sector Nedumbassery
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