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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Himachal Pradesh Kerala PSC Questions - Indian States

  1. Leading producer of apple in India Himachal Pradesh
  2. The state is known as 'Apple state' Himachal Pradesh
  3. The state is known as 'Fruit Bowl of the Nation' Himachal Pradesh
  4. India's first Carbon Free State Himachal Pradesh
  5. The Slate which is known as All Season State. Himachal Pradesh
  6. First state in India to ban plastic. Himachal Pradesh
  7. The major hill stations of Himachal Pradesh'. Shimla, Kulu, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharmasala, etc.
  8. Rashtrapati Bhavan - New Delhi
  9. Rashtrapathi Nivas - Shimla
  10. Rashtrapathi Nilayam - Hyderabad
  11. The place famous for salt - Mandy
  12. Mushroom city of India - Solan
  13. Headquarters of Indian Institute of advanced 1 studies Shimla
  14. The largest hydro electric project which Ilocated in underground • Nathpa Jhalari Power Project
  15. The place which is known as 'Valley of God' Kulu
  16. Jwalamukhi pilgrim centre is situated in Himachal Pradesh
  17. Electricity produced through glycer from which place Manikaran
  18. The place in Himachal Pradesh known as `Mini Switzerland' Khajjiar '
  19. The first state in India which started Automated Telephone Exchange Himachal Pradesh
  20. The state which is known as Mountain State - Himachal Pradesh
  21. Chadwick waterfalls situated at - Himachal Pradesh
  22. First smoke free state in India - Himachal Pradesh
  23. Pin Valley National Park is situated in -Himachal Pradesh
  24. The site in Himachal Pradesh in the UNESCO world heritage site - Great Himalayan National Park
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