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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Jammu Kashmir Kerala PSC Questions - Indian States

  1. Jammu Kashmir is the Northern most State of India.
  2. The only state in India which have two capitals - Jammu Kashmir
  3. The only state have their own flag and constitution - Jammu Kashmir
  4. The ruler in Jammu-Kashmir when it merged with Indian union - Raja Harisingh
  5. The constitution of Jammu Kashmir was adopted on - 1957
  6. Jammu Kashmir is the leading producer of Saffron.
  7. Which place is known as 'Little Tibet' - Ladakh
  8. Who is known as 'Lion of Kashmir'. Sheikh Abdullah
  9. Who is known as 'the Akbar of Kashmir' Zain-ul-Abidin
  10. World's highest observatory has been set up at - Ladakh
  11. The biggest Lok Sabha Constituency in India Ladakh
  12. The place is known as valley of silent Ladakh
  13. Asia's Biggest Tulip Garden was set up in Srinagar (Indira Gandhi Garden)
  14. The famous Wular, Dal Lake, etc. are situated in - Jammu Kashmir
  15. The major pilgrim centres in the State -Amarnath cave temple, Vaishno Devi temple, Hazratbal Mosque
  16. Highest warfield in the world - Siachen
  17. The highest bridge in the world - The Bailey Bridge
  18. Which bridge is located in Ladakh Valley between Dras and Himalayan Mountains -The Bailey Bridge
  19. The only state in India in which Sindhu river flows - Jammu Kashmir
  20. The Shalimar garden of Jammu and Kashmir was built during the time of - Jahangir
  21. The state is known as heaven of earth -Jammu Kashmir
  22. The state is known as 'Garden of India' -Jammu Kashmir
  23. Kargil is situated on the banks of river - Suru
  24. Biggest cave in India - Amarnath Cave
  25. Siachen is situated on the banks of river - Nubra
  26. Baglihar dam located in - Jammu Kashmir (Chenab river) 
  27. Kushok Bakula Rimpoche Airport is located in - Leh
  28. Which place is known as 'Third Pole of Earth' - Siachen
  29. The most famous festival of Jammu and Kashmir - Vasantholsav
  30. Second largest district in India - Leh
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