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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Rajasthan Question Kerala PSC - Indian States

  • The largest state in India - Rajasthan
  • The major dynasties who ruled Rajasthan - Chauhan, Solanki, Pratiharas 
  • In historic period Rajasthan is known as `Matsya' - Rajaputhana
  • Panchayat Raj system was firstly introduced in - Rajasthan (1959). 
  • Its highcourt is situated in - Jodhpur 
  • Hawamahal is known as - Palace of wind 
  • Hawamahal is situated at - Jaipur
  • Hawamahal was built by - Sawai Pratap Singh 
  • The architect of Hawamahal - Lal Chand Ustad
  • The place is popularly known as `Pink City' - Jaipur 
  • The famous elephant festival is held at - Jaipur 
  • Sawai Mansingh stadium situated at - Jaipur
  • Most saltiest lake in India - `Sambhar' (Rajasthan)
  • Pushkar lake is in - Rajasthan 
  • Largest camel fair in the world Pushkar Mela 
  • Land of camel - Bikaner 
  • Hawa Mahal, Jhandar Mandir, City Palace etc. are situated in - Rajasthan 
  • One of the oldest mountain range in the world is - Aravalli (Rajasthan)
  • The famous Tourist Centre 'Mount Abu' is situated in - Aravalli 
  • The highest peak in Aravalli mountain range - 'Guru Sikhar 
  • The famous `Dilwara Temple' is situates in -Mount Abu
  • The state of Palaces, Forests and Lakes -Rajasthan 
  • The famous Bird Sanctuary Bharathpur is in - Rajasthan 
  • Which is the longest canal in India - Indira Gandhi Canal (Rajasthan) 
  • Leading producer of Marble; Asbestos, Silver is - Rajasthan 
  • The first fully literate district in North India - Ajmer 
  • The famous Indus site Kalibangan is in - Rajasthan 
  • The place known as 'City of Lakes' Udaipur 
  • The place famous for copper smelting units - Khetri 
  • India's Atomic explosion site situates in Pokhran 
  • The state shares longest border with Pakistan - Rajasthan 
  • Only one wildlife sanctuary which is located in desert - Jailsalmer
  • Largest fort in India - Chittorgarh 
  • The luxurious tourist train in Rajasthan -Palace on wheels 
  • India's first export promoting industrial park set up at - Sitapur
  • Forts listed in world heritage site in 2013 from Rajasthan - Chittorgarh, Kumbalgarh fort, Ranthambore fort, Gagron fort, Amber fort, Afaisalmer fort 
  • Rajasthan State Of India
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