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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Books of Leaders Or Politician Kerala PSC Questions

  1. Henry Kissinger - Diplomacy, White House Year
  2. Thatcher - The Path to Power
  3. Pranab Mukherjee - Midterm poll, Beyond survival, Emerging dimensions of Indian Economy, The dramatic Decade, The days if Indhira Gandhi
  4. Sarojini Naidu - Golden threshold, Broken wing
  5. L.K.Advani - A prisoners scrap book.
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The first fully literate district in North India - Ajmer

The famous Indus site Kalibangan is in - Rajasthan

The place known as 'City of Lakes' Udaipur

The place famous for copper smelting units - Khetri

India's Atomic explosion site situates in Pokhran

The state shares longest border with Pakistan - Rajasthan

Only one wildlife sanctuary which is located in desert - Jailsalmer

Largest fort in India - Chittorgarh

The luxurious tourist train in Rajasthan -Palace on wheels

India's first export promoting industrial park set up at - Sitapur

Forts listed in world heritage site in 2013 from Rajasthan - Chittorgarh, Kumbalgarh fort, Ranthambore fort, Gagron fort, Amber fort, Afaisalmer fort

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