Pathanamthitta (District) Kerala PSC Questions -

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Pathanamthitta (District) Kerala PSC Questions

Formed on 1st November, 1982
Male Female Ratio1129/1000
Density Of People453
Lok sabha Constituency1
Legislative Assembly Constituency5
Grama Panchayath53
Block Panchayath8
  1. District with largest reserve forest area - Pathanamthitta 
  2. The river known as the life line of Central Travancore - Pamba 
  3. Aranmula Boat race is held on the river Pamba 
  4. Sabarimala situated in Pathanamthitta (Taluk - Ranni)
  5. Largest forest division in Kerala - Ranni 
  6. Gavi Ecotourism is at - Pathanamthitta 
  7. The festival known as `Dakshina Kumbamela' - Sabarimala Makaravilakku 
  8. Famous `Aanakoodu' is situated at - Konni
  9. First District in India attained Zero population growth rate - Pathanamthitta 
  10. First Polio free district in India Pathanamthitta  
  11. Birthplace of Niranam Poet Pathanamthitta 
  12. The biggest Hindu religious convention in Asia - Cherukolpuzha Convention
  13. The famous `Parthasarathy Temple' is situated at - Aranmula 
  14. Only hill station in Pathanamthitta that is - Charalkunnu
  15. Spider temple situated at - Koduman (Pathanamthitta) 
  16. Perunthenaruvi waterfall is situated at Pathanamthitta 
  17. Muzhiyar Dam situated in - Pathanamthitta 
  18. Only one railway station in Pathanamthitta that is Thiruvalla 
  19. Chengara land strike was occured in the district - Pathanamthitta
  20. Cherukolpuzha Convention held on the banks of the river - Pamba 
  21. The biggest Christian religious convention in Asia - Maramon Convention 
  22. Duck farm in Kerala is at - Niranam
  23. Kakkad Project situated in pathanamthitta.

Sugarcane Research Centre Thiruvalla 
Mannam Sugar Mills - Panthalarn 
Travancore Sugars and Chemicals Thiruvalla 
Kerala Institute of Folklore and Folk Arts - Mannadi

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