Sur Dynasty (Indian History) Kerala PSC Important Questions -

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Sur Dynasty (Indian History) Kerala PSC Important Questions

  1. Sher Sha Suri is the founder of Sur Dynasty.
  2. Sher Sha Suri born in Hissar Firoza
  3. The real name of Shersha Suri is Farid Khan
  4. Shersha Suri was introduced Rupia coin system. (1542)
  5. Adil Shah Suri - Last ruler in the Sur Dynasty
info +
The highest civilian airport in India is Kushok Bakula Airport (Leh in Jammu & Kashmir)
The first airline service from Kerala - Thiruvatlahthapuram Mumbai
The state having most number of International Airport in India - Tamilnadu and Kerala (3 Numbers).
The international airports in Kerala are Thiruvananthapitram, Nedumbassery and Karipur
The fourth international airport to be constructed in Kerala Murkhan Parambu (Kannur)
The first airport built by the help of private sector Nedumbassery

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