World Wide Web (WWW) Kerala PSC Important Questions -

Thursday, 18 April 2019

World Wide Web (WWW) Kerala PSC Important Questions

  1. Headquarters - Geneva
  2. Founder - Tim Berners Lee
  3. W3C stand for - World Wide Web Consortium
  4. In India world wide web information service was firstly launched on 14th January 1995
  5. Pages that inclusive of information on world wide web is known as webpages
  6. Web browsers bring web pages from web servers.
info +
Who is known as 'the Akbar of Kashmir' Zain-ul-Abidin

World's highest observatory has been set up at - Ladakh

The biggest Lok Sabha Constituency in India Ladakh

The place is known as valley of silent Ladakh

Asia's Biggest Tulip Garden was set up in Srinagar (Indira Gandhi Garden)

The famous Wular, Dal Lake, etc. are situated in - Jammu Kashmir

The major pilgrim centres in the State -Amarnath cave temple, Vaishno Devi temple, Hazratbal Mosque

Highest warfield in the world - Siachen

The highest bridge in the world - The Bailey Bridge

Which bridge is located in Ladakh Valley between Dras and Himalayan Mountains -The Bailey Bridge

The only state in India in which Sindhu river flows - Jammu Kashmir

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